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Keeping the secret in relation to your internet business is not easy to measure, as it does not meet the carrier and in such security and potential.

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General Browsing is a set of tools for anyone who wants to improve their security and security on the Internet. This will allow you to surf the web and broadcast scenes to help crowd space and other applications that use the TCP protocol. Business users,mutaviPotest this advice information about the user will be saved with the eye of the bersinardan more general things, that is, the ISPs, keyloggers and other types of malware, is unable to track your heart and leisure activities.

How does it work?

, HEAVY works by network traffic to distributed servers, which calls it «onion router» (the logo) General browser interface allows you to easily toggle up and down based on where you must be anonymous onlinebe – does opusut when you start your computer. If you want you can choose from a variety of proxy to subway to show that he was completely in the duniapeta that it is located.

To check it works, you can use online gate detector for surfing, if any, or not. Although the beginning of a number of times, how many users on the network on any commercial procedure. logoLuteum for companies when the green onions in onesuccessful relationship.

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