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Instagram Downloader is a Windows utility that lets you download photos hosted on any Instagram account. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Collect all the pictures in an anInstagram accountInstagram Downloader includes a search engine that allows the user to enter the names of Instagram users whose photos you want to download. If this allows privacy options relevant to itaccount, the Instram Downloader provides links to all images hosted there. Thetool also provides links for Photos of the Day and the most popular photos on Instagram. Not as practical as possible. Despite the minimalist interface and fast-moving results, Instagram Downloader provides final doubts about the fact that downloading pictures is not practical: you can not actually download, but insteadyou will return their links, and then you need to make lots of manual copies / return photos. In addition, you can view photos and many connection errors that do not see certain accounts (even public accounts) have been reported. During our trial, it is not possible to copy links that relate to certain accounts. For use with a download manager We want an Instagram Downloader to be integratedits own download manager, rather than offering us a list of links, which is just a vegetable yields. However, people with whom they are willing to use it with software like jDownloader, so you can actually download pictures where you have links as a result of using Instagram Downloader.